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Richie Varela

Richie Varela



My philosophy… I don’t do photography for a living, I do photography out of love. With rare exceptions, I don’t do weddings, family portraits or Bat Mitzvahs. I do enjoy shooting modeling, fashion and commercial work… and cats, but the later usually only with my phone. I like to think I’m creating something of quality, even thought provoking at times, and always strive to improve everything, making my latest work the best I do… My name is Richie. I’m a guy who owns an expensive camera. I point the lens at things and hit the button, usually a few times. An alpha male, an INTJ in the myers-briggs personality profile, pretty sarcastic, a person who might enjoy studying for an IQ test… if I could only find the time. I live with my Christian faith held tightly on my right hand, and put an “overflowing glass” attitude to everything ahead of me.
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