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Samir Mohanty

Samir Mohanty



As someone said I can’t paint so I click. May be I started to realise that I can’t paint and I started to show interest in photography (just joking). I feel no one is perfect in photography. Every one has their own way of capturing that particular moment. Some we like some we don’t. I enjoy photography because it is the best way to capture some moments and memories of life and one of the ways to show your imagination. I enjoy all types of photography. My personal interest lies in Night and wild life photography. Because one has the challenge of low light and the other requires a lot of patience. I am the new bee to this world of photography and trying to learn from my mistakes.
Krishnam Raju

Krishnam Raju

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Edmondo Senatore

E. Senatore

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Sandra Canning

Sandra Canning

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Peter Edge

Peter Edge

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Anna Mukha

Anna Mukha

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Mark Singleton

Mark Singleton

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Denise Carvalho

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Praveen  Kothapally

P. Kothapally

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tushar das

tushar das

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Sean Zhou

Sean Zhou

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