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Gino Barasa

Gino Barasa

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Thanks for virtually stopping by. My portfolio is filled with landscapes, mostly of Austin and Texas. I'll let everyone else take care of the rest of the planet. I got my hands full round here. If you like something you see and want more info you can call me at (512) 789-8789 or email me at 1138Studios@Gmail.com Thanks!
  • Nikon D800 and a Nikon V1 mirrorless
  • I have a paper cup with two really really thick magnifying lenses on each end. It's totally awesome.

All The Pretty People

Published June 28th, 2011

To be fair - I hate this place. I haven't even eaten here, but I hate it. They make great drinks. I have liberated a few ice cold beverages here. More than once. But I really hate this place. Hemingway would never hang out here. Of course, he's dead.

It's loaded with pretty people, and that annoys me. There's something about a man who clearly has his eye brows plucked, and has shiny/smooth skin, and has private label clothing draped perfectly over his sculpted form. It's just unseemly. And La Condesa is running over with these types. Even the women in here annoy me. Don't get me wrong. They're all very easy on the eyes. And they too have very tiny eye brows, very shiny/smooth skin and their clothing conforms to their shape like fuzz on a peach. They aint ugly. But they're all looking right through you.

And the conversations in places like this? Forget about it. There was more substance in the carpet of Casey Anthony's trunk! If you're looking to be enlightened inside ...

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Home Slice Pizza, South Congress and the Real A...

Published June 23rd, 2011

I went down to Home Slice Pizza the other day because I needed to reconnect with my city and I knew they'd have the cure for what ails me. South Congress has a really interesting thing going on that's hard for me to define. To be fair this isn't a new phenomenon. It's been going on for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure if anyone is completely aware of this vibe, but they all innately are aware of it at least. I know this is true because "they" (You know. Them) all know when a non 78704 steps into their world. You can try to blend by wearing completely mismatched clothing and not bathing or combing your hair. Or maybe combing it, but in such a way as to not look like you did. But it won't help. They know that you are a normal trying to creep into their non-normal turf. The entire time I was at Home Slice I kept getting stared at like I had a squid stuck to the side of my face. (I hope I didn't have a squid stuck to the side of my face. I dunno. It would at least explain a ...

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The Sad State of Affairs that is Me.

Published June 15th, 2011


Yeah. That picture? It's me. It really is. It's my 500px avatar.

Of course it's me - wearing Revo's, a knit cap my buddy Blake brought me from Machu Picchu, and week's worth of beard after going camping.

I actually took about an hour one day and took pictures of me so I could have an avatar.

How embarrassing is this?

Why? Who cares? In retrospect I guess I could have used almost any image as an avatar. But Nooo. I *NEEDED* to show my face and I went out of my way to make me look good. Yeah! That's right! That pic is the best I could make me look! You should see the ones on the cutting room floor. And further more, I am not going to take it down! It's staying up even though I just called myself out for being so narcissistic!

The bad news? You people pretty much all did the same thing. You know you did. So stop pointing at me and go take a look in the mirror! Go on. Walk over to the closest mirror, which is probably just inches away from you, and look at you re ...

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The Austin View

Published June 12th, 2011

Austin Texas. You either get it or you don't I suppose. Some folks really don't like Austin at all I hear. Some people don't like Willie Nelson or Neil Young, so I guess anythings possible. But for those that get what Austin's about it's a wonderful place. This picture is not just of Austin, but the story of how I was able to take it is at the heart of what Austin is about.

I have been scouting for a good location to get a clean view of Downtown Austin for a few years. The problem is that these views are only available from some of the most expensive property in Austin.

So this week I drove around trying to find a little sliver of property with this view so I could sneak onto and snap a few quickies. I couldn't find a spot that I thought I wouldn't get arrested for setting up on. After deciding to call it a day I saw the home that had the perfect unobstructed view of downtown Austin right over the Colorado river. What the heck. I figured I'd ask. Worst thing they could do i ...

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