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The Austin View

Published June 12th, 2011

Austin Texas. You either get it or you don't I suppose. Some folks really don't like Austin at all I hear. Some people don't like Willie Nelson or Neil Young, so I guess anythings possible. But for those that get what Austin's about it's a wonderful place. This picture is not just of Austin, but the story of how I was able to take it is at the heart of what Austin is about.

I have been scouting for a good location to get a clean view of Downtown Austin for a few years. The problem is that these views are only available from some of the most expensive property in Austin.

So this week I drove around trying to find a little sliver of property with this view so I could sneak onto and snap a few quickies. I couldn't find a spot that I thought I wouldn't get arrested for setting up on. After deciding to call it a day I saw the home that had the perfect unobstructed view of downtown Austin right over the Colorado river. What the heck. I figured I'd ask. Worst thing they could do is ask me to leave right?

So I knocked the door found on the house at the end of the long driveway behind the big security gate that was left open for me. The first guy that answered was really nice but he kept saying "Nah, man. I don't think so...." even though I kept explaining how this was a really great opportunity for him to have his city view captured before a huge earthquake wiped it out or a monstrous Hurricane, or a terrible flood! I was just about to pull out my Swiss Army pocket knife and up the negotiations when brother #2 rounded the corner and said, "What's this all about?" I told him I wanted to take a picture in his back yard. He took about 1/2 a second and said, "Yeah. Sure. Come on in!" Just goes to show you that persistence pays off. You just got to find the right brother.

Come to find out this house had just recently been bought with plans to level it and build a bigger, better house. The guy who bought it has his 3 sons living in it for the time being and after a little negotiation (1 case of Shiner Bock) they agreed to let me hang out and take some shots, which I did last night. Very Very cool guys. They had some friends over to watch the Dallas Mavericks take the trash out against the Heatles. I ended up having a really cool convo with one of the guys, Paul, who was a dead ringer for Jude Law and could speak at length on God, the universe, the relative nature of time and the hard to define but definitely noticeable nature of people who live in South Austin. And along the way I may have drank a few of those Shiners, which made this an even better deal. It's like offering $50 bucks and then taking $20 while your there. How sweet is that?

Anyway - I promised not to mention their names and the location - so I will only say Huge Thanks to the fella's and good luck with the up coming In-House Paintball game.



  • June 9th, 2011
  • NIKON D700
  • 58mm / f/8 / 2 sec

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