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All The Pretty People

Published June 28th, 2011

To be fair - I hate this place. I haven't even eaten here, but I hate it. They make great drinks. I have liberated a few ice cold beverages here. More than once. But I really hate this place. Hemingway would never hang out here. Of course, he's dead.

It's loaded with pretty people, and that annoys me. There's something about a man who clearly has his eye brows plucked, and has shiny/smooth skin, and has private label clothing draped perfectly over his sculpted form. It's just unseemly. And La Condesa is running over with these types. Even the women in here annoy me. Don't get me wrong. They're all very easy on the eyes. And they too have very tiny eye brows, very shiny/smooth skin and their clothing conforms to their shape like fuzz on a peach. They aint ugly. But they're all looking right through you.

And the conversations in places like this? Forget about it. There was more substance in the carpet of Casey Anthony's trunk! If you're looking to be enlightened inside this joint you better start drinking. And if you're going to start drinking you better have a few large dollars on you. All the drinks, while very tasty, apparently have gold as a base ingredient. It's the sort of place that the Kardashian's would be seen at if they lived in Austin.

And the art, or whatever that is on the walls? Ugh. I know that the only thing you can judge that's framed is OJ Simpson, but come on now. This mish-mash looks like someone spent $1.99 on an I-Phone filter package and passed the phone around on a Saturday night. It's Mad-Libs meets High School art project. I get the feeling that the owner has a kid with an eye towards a liberal arts degree and a future as a waiter if his parents friend don't keep opening restaurants.

It's soulless. The entire place, everything in it, and everyone in it. I guess that's what I'm saying. But I'm happy that there are places like this in Austin. It keeps the undesirables away from the Broken Spoke and the Continental Club.


  • Nikon D700
  • 160/10mm / f/11.0 / 1/8 sec

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Adam Allegro  almost 7 years ago

Nice writeup buddy, you had my laughing. I just the places...

I enjoyed your response on I agree, seeing the same 4 faces on the screen all the time, although a WEALTH of knowledge and experience, does not always "connect" with us common serious hobbyist photogs (I apologize if you take that the wrong way, just kind of what I consider myself). You thought of doing a blog?? Its pretty obvious you have a nice way of putting things into words, and your photos are fantastic! Anyways, just thought I would say hi, appreciated your comment on Trey's website. If you care to look or follow, I keep up a blog at Cheers!