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The lonely guy from Oakland

Published April 30th, 2013

Sometimes you are driving to a special location to take photos, and just are not satisfied with the outcome. Thats what happend to me, when I drove to the Half Moon Bay in California. It is a very nice beach, and hardly anybody there. I just did not find the great photo as I took several beach / ocean photos days before down in Santa Cruz.

On my way back to the car, I saw the guy sitting on the bench, head down like he was sleeping. I took some photos from behind, but with the head down, it wasn´t really nice. So I talked to him, and asked him if he could keep his head up for my photo. He told me, that he had a huge fight with his girlfriend and just left to sit on the beach. He drove all the way from Oakland to sit there. After a short chat, I took the photo, and I was very satisfied with it already. He didn´t want to have a copy of it, as it would remind him too much about the his day.

What I learned: talking to strangers can help you to get a much better shot. Especially in a coun ...

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