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Over the course of a hundred years, portable photography sudios have gone from the Micklethwaite studio,drawn by a horse (http://bit.ly/wikiPhlab) to a photo studio/video camera/sketchbook/website designer/nonlinear editor/and word processor that weighs less than one and a half pounds and is the size of a thin magazine or fits in your pocket. This is revolutionary!

I've decided to use 500px to post up photos use photo processing done using various apps on the iOS. My hope for the future is that the output of portable app photo editing will improve and that ppl may have a pocket sized quality photography studio & even portable printer (for those who like the physical immediacy of Polaroid cameras) in the future. I also hope that eventually the only major limitations on filmmaking will be time & the cost of materials for things like set design, makeup, costumes, lighting etc.

-Here are some possibilities for the future-
Hardware like this:
Polaroid PoGo - bit.ly/vna2B
Mac Funamizu'a concept Sophie - bit.ly/jEcDxo
Services like this:
Postagram - bit.ly/wagZ2h
Apps like this:
Full Adobe Photoshop for iPad -  http://bit.ly/gXvTKo

If anyone has any suggestions for iPhone techniques, a great app, or any other advice, please leave something on my wall.

Thanks : )

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