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A- freeair

A- freeair



I come from china like wild world but have no freetime to go. I am not a professional photographer, take pictures is one of my hobbies. I really want to make friends with you and learn from you how to improve my photography skills. And I don't know how to make a high quality image. Would you please teach me? I appreciate your suggestions and comments! Thank you so much! E-mail:
Ramon Alayan
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Shuchun Du
Photos 157
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hao hu
Photos 79
Likes 3973
Comments 614
Jabi Artaraz
Photos 206
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Dom Latouche
Photos 34
Likes 4291
Comments 1341
Joshua Zhang
Photos 41
Likes 62306
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J.J. Taylor
Photos 101
Likes 43146
Comments 6107
Alfredo Costanzo
Photos 260
Likes 196966
Comments 19924
Abhishek Patel
Photos 144
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Patrick Strik
Photos 315
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Comments 36902