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Adib Noh

Adib Noh



I enjoy taking photos and telling stories..

Photos that connect

Published April 4th, 2014

5th April 2014 at 01:22

As part of my personal Photo Project entitled Bachok is Beautiful,in the last six days I embarked on exploring ordinary places in the district of Bachok looking for beautiful sceneries or extra ordinary objects to take photos.Later,I plan to do an ebook of it and sell the book telling stories of my Bachok district through photos and short notes.This project is to market to the world how beautiful is my place of birth and where I grew up so that more people will come and visit Bachok and improve her tourism industry there.At the same time,i f I could sell the ebooks and make money,why not?

I took this photo in the area of Kg Tempoyak,Bachok and posted to Perantau Bachok group.It was liked by more than 80 members of the group.This is a good measure to see whether the photo attracts the attention of the members.On top of it ,a few members made remark about certain features of the photo that made them remember their childhood days-where they went to sch ...

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Saved to my heart..

Published April 1st, 2014

The Other Moment..

When I see the colorful sunrise or the white carpet of mist hovering above a serene river,I will grab whatever camera besides me to capture the moment.Being a photographer and taking shot of the event unfolding in front of me,I am outside of the moment-just a by stander who is at most is only an observer.

Two days ago,when I saw my untie embraced my mother and cried during her daughter's marriage ceremony,I just looked at the moment of happiness mixed with sadness because my own uncle has passed away many years ago and could not be with us during this happy occasion.I was sucked into The Moment and was part of it.The camera was with me but I prefer to capture it and saved to my heart and not to SD Card in my camera.

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Everyone is a photographer?

Published March 6th, 2014

Just wonder who started putting in camera in mobile phones?My first encounter was when I used Nokia6600,which I called Fatboy,to snap photos.Later,I upgraded to Nokia E71 and the climax for me was when I bought Nokia N8.This is a big threat to compact camera as the quality of photos from camera phones increases.My friend is using Lumia 525 and I am using Galaxy Note 3 and the quality of photos are as good or better than some compact cameras.

As they say,the best camera is the one with you when you need it.So,camera phone is the best because it is built inside our mobile phones which we carry all the time.Just go to any event,everyone becomes a photographer in his or her own way.Of course not every takes good photos but they can take home the images the like.

Starting 1995 when I first got my email,I managed to get connected to more and more of my school mates and friends.Later text messages take more spaces and with camera phones,we communicate more with photos.Mobile photos ar ...

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Beautiful rivers

Published March 6th, 2014

Every time I go back to my hometown I will take some photos of the beautiful beach,especially Pantai Irama.Last week,when I was at my kampung, I explored the rivers and padi fields for good photos of Bachok.To my lovely surprise,I think I need two weeks of photo shots to uncover the hidden gems of the beauty of the our rivers and padi fields in Bachok alone.These could be turned into tourist products/destinations for Bachok.To my consternation,I felt sad that no real efforts were and bring taken to promote tourism in my district of Bachok.

A few years back,the Chief Minister launched Bachok as Bandar Pelancungan Islam.I have yet to see the concerted efforts and tangible deliverables to achieve the goal.To all the people of Bachok,wherever you are,let us do some things for Bachok.In my own small way,I will keep on promoting Bachok is Beautiful..

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Surreal photo

Published February 17th, 2014

At times,reality is stranger than fiction.Just look at these clouds hovering above Putrajaya!I took this photo while I was in the car driven by my son using an iPad .The sight was like a scary movie scenery-a sight to behold.

Lately I read so many bad and bizarre incidents taking place in my country.A few happenings are just like fiction in novels.On reflection over the last few decades of my life,I am now more and more convinced that life in this world is just like a play...

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