Jorge Fonseca

Born on December 22, 1979, in Évora, completed his 12th year in the media was there that spent most of his life, the contact with nature has become a natural environment and personal passion for photography began about three years, but the interest aroused in recent years has led to envisage the picture with fresh eyes, then I show my vision with the spirit of adventure, with the camera exploring the magnificent nature that surrounds us trying to capture these magical moments , able to develop some techniques in this area by reading magazines, books and watching the work of other national and international photographers.

Currently resides eight years ago in the Algarve - Portugal, there are many kinds of landscapes, which have helped me to improve their photographic knowledge in various subjects, although a preference for natural landscapes and nature.

The Algarve coast, the sea, as well as biodiversity in the region propocionam endless opportunities that help me to achieve some objectives. Both can take advantage of a sunset at the end of the day on the slopes and beaches, as the adventure paths pecorridos less mysterious and Monchique mountains.

The landscapes are composed and portray the true natural beauty that is achieved with the camera, patience and attention to the dynamics of light, atmosphere, location, time, are factors that are inspired to capture that single moment, that sometimes rapitamente disappears. It is with pride and spirit of discovery that values ​​the natural world around us share these moments and experience that this art is so vast and rewarding.

As amateur who is sharing this art with a few colleagues, which runs through the corner of the Algarve, Alentejo and where possible other corners of our world in order to know other places and can make the most personal and live with outos photographers and people.

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