Jon Chiang

Jon is a just a guy who happens to possess one too many cameras.

He likes good light.


Jon Chiang is an avid landscape photographer who has been passionately pursuing the hobby for the last ten years. Growing up in the densely populated city-state of Singapore, being surrounded by skyscrapers and public housing was no stranger to him. As a result, Jon incorporates these elements into most of his photographs. However, Jon still enjoys venturing out into the last vestiges of open landscape and seascape remaining in Singapore, soaking in the subtle and sublime beauty of nature. Given the faced-paced and ever-changing visage of Singapore, Jon strives to capture the essence of these changes, lest they be lost in time forever.

Intrigued by the changing nature of light, Jon is fascinated by how light can give depth and dimension in the subject. Light, to him, is the ultimate Photoshop; no amount of post-processing can replicate good light. Light molds, shapes and breathes life into a scene, making the most mundane seem extraordinary. This shifting, fleeting moment of dramatic light is what drags Jon out of bed, or keeps him waiting for that tiny glimpse of golden glimmer that snatches away his breath. Till this day, his heart still races when the sun sets or rises from horizon yonder, painting the skies with beyond-natural tones.

Jon's works are available for purchase through Getty, and have been used in publications across the world. Notable international brands that Jon has collaborated with include Nikon, Irix, Lomography, Haida Filters and local entities such as Singapore Tourism Board, Gardens by the Bay, Urban Redevelopment Authority and National Arts Council. His works featuring Singaporean scapes have also been featured in numerous local exhibitions.

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