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Jasvinder Singh


Hi, I am Jasvinder Singh (JC). JCImagination is the world of my dreams – a world where Colors express Life. A world where I have been stacking up some pure, colorful, natural, pristine, sweet, innocent and sometimes strange things I have come across.


As I grew up leaving behind my teen years, I thought of sharing my world with others. I have always been fascinated by nature, so I turned to painting as a way of expressing my fascination. But I realized I did not have much talent for it. Not long after I gave up painting, I moved to photography and thus began a love affair with my lens. JCImagination photography is a collection built from elements of my world which I’ve captured in my camera.

These photographs very much are a definition of me, my inner self and my experiences.

By trade I am a Creative/GUI designer. I design/code application software. But I am also a confessed travel addict. I've always been drawn to the outdoors and photography (if you can call taking snapshots as photography) was an offshoot of my need to document my trips. However, lately I am seeing a near complete reversal of this hypothesis. I find myself traveling / camping / hiking just to take photos. Picture taking now trumps everything!

For me, photography is turning out to be more than just a hobby. It is my therapy, it’s what keeps me stable. If my photographs could speak, they would tell you stories
I am made up of. They know me better than
I know myself :)

With that note, I welcome to my ride.

: ) cliCk