Keyon Aminian

Super sarcastic, dry sense of a humor. If you've ever felt at one point that I was rude or mean, it was probably me just joking. Unless I wasn't, which brings me to my next point--I'm straight forward. Not afraid to voice my opinion, and if you ask a honest question, you can be sure as hell you'll get an honest answer. Whether it's one you want to hear, or not. I believe my thoughts or feelings, especially* if inquired about, should not be censored for the sake of keeping yours sane. That'd be unfair to me.

I'm not cocky, I'm confident. And I feel like I have every right to be. I worked hard to get to where I am right now, and I have the utmost intentions of continuing up and onward. Being the baby, I will admit I was/am the most spoiled. But I think the one cool advantage of that is I was privileged to have had my entire family to look up to; of course my mother and father, but also my older sister and brother. All of which are exceptional role models. Having knowledge of their trials and tribulations, I have something to base my life on and decide how I want to go about making mine just as successful as theirs. It would be a shame to take all these resources I have at hand for granted. Some of which I have witnessed before my very eyes, throughout this movie we call, Life.

Enter with boldness.

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