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Pawel Klarecki

I was born in 1982, I come from Poland where I grew up and spent most of my life. A Few years ago I left my country and spent 5 years in Northern Ireland.
My love for photography had started to develop since childhood and later on became my biggest passion and the greatest influence in my daily life.

I have always seen the world as pictures and frames I love landscapes and the natural world. Long walks along with photography give me a lot of satisfaction – this is my small world, seen with my very own eyes. Sometimes it may seem surreal and messed up, but these are in fact, pieces of my imagination mixed with breathtaking landscapes, the very miracle that is nature.

I was lucky enough to live on the spectacular coast of Northern Ireland. It is a true paradise for a landscape photographer, an amazing and perfect place to capture and show the beauty and the power of nature.

The important thing I need to mention is the constant search for the perfect light and atmosphere. In my case it all differs. Sometimes the pictures are colorful, other times they are grayish with a flash of light. It all depends on what’s going on in my head at this particular moment. But I am always striving for that perfect element of light and how it impacts on my photography.

Currently I have a lot of plans for the future, I would like to broaden my horizons, and show different areas and other genres of photography. I am confident that, with time, I will be able to achieve it all.
When I was going to school I used to paint pictures, it’s one of my passions, well, it used to be. The paintings were landscapes mixed with fantasy elements and that has influenced my life until this moment. At that time I discovered my passion for photography as well. This passion began to grow and transformed into an obsession that is deep in the roots of my soul.
I used to watch my friends who had cameras and learn from them. In those days analogue photography was the most common, then I got my first digital camera and it all exploded in me. I could publish my photos on the Internet, make new friends and learn. I have learned everything by myself, but I have to admit to having been gifted with a few precious tips from professionals, and I am very grateful for all of them.
For sure, the landscape is my first love. The Northern Coast of Ireland has definitely inspired me, ocean with rocks, cliffs, mountains and valleys and a huge variety of places have built my vast portfolio of photographs. I also love long walks and discovering new places and that all influences my passion.

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