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Michelle Lovegrove

Think what you want of me, but I'm always honest, I try to be kind and I believe the greatest quality you can have is empathy

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I love design and always have.
My most recent passion is photography. I am a bit obsessed by it to be honest! So if you need any pictures taken, then drop me a line.
I am a retired ex hockey player for TWEHC, the best club in the south west!
I am completely addicted to camping in the summer as I love the break from routine and the relaxation it provides me.
I love live music - as long as it's good! Can't bear continuous streams of long hairded mongs, wearing Iron Maiden TShirts, thrashing about with electric guitars and murdering classis rock tunes! - If you wanna wank in public, where a raincoat like every other self respecting wanker!
Leave the live music to people that really appreciate it and have eclectic tastes to appeal to all audiences!!
Who am I? Well I am ferociously loyal to my pals, which has got me in bother once or twice! lol. I am a good listener and dispite my attempts to the contrary, I just can never walk on by. Should have been a social worker! I am a wierd mix of confident and insecure really. Some instances I will stand up and fight to the death for what I believe in, but if you aim in the right target areas...I will crumple into a heap!
I have a very large michievious side that is currently a bit repressed so look out! I am lucky enough to have a couple of really really good friends and am very grateful to have them in my life.
Friendship is probably the most important thing in my life and I cherish good ones.

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