Mina Wetp

A woman with passion. Her complicated nature is the motor of all her art-related activities. During her stay in England she developed her desire to sketch, whereas France instilled in her the love of music. One could say that it is indeed the music that she owes her creations to, as melody is what steers her imagination. In her work she concentrates on emotions and various ways in which they can be expressed. When asked why she does what she does, she always replies:
"That's how I create my history!"
She loves collections. Not only does her art have to be related to what can be physically observed, but also to the poetry made of thoughts, which is why the collection of her works includes both sketches and poems.
The motto by which she creates is her own thought:
To push the wind and hurry forth
To merge what's crazy and what's bold
To cry, to laugh and to touch water
To let that stream carry us forth
That is what allows her to create things which, as she claims, she could never create on her own.

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  • Olsztyn, Poland