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Paolo Del Frate

Coming from Priverno ( LT ), where he was born on June the 28th 1975, Paolo Del Frate, faces up for the first time to the world of photography when starts cooperating with the teacher of a photography base course , who , having found the boy considerably inclined to the learning of the diverse photo techniques, encourages him to go on with his studies. So he starts practicing the "art of the image" with an increasing ardour and passionate devotion, soon revealing a particular visual sensitivity.
In the early 90s he makes his first darkroom's experiences
(where he could practise on the various techniques of developing and printing ) and performs his first works "en plein air".
On April 1996 there's his first important public outset. It was just in Priverno, during his personal performance, called " young people : detail of a story "; a walk through the images across the complex reality of the world of youth that he reveals all his talent at observing and catching its peculiar unrest and uneasiness in their multiple characteristics with his particular sensibility.
In 1997 a photographic exhibition of his has been held at the "James Joyce" cultural society, in Rome, where he has been appreciated not only for his remarkable technical skill but mainly for his interpretive novelty : moments of life, characters, places, situations are caught either in their very spontaneous genuineness, or crystallized in an unusual dimension of the existence become the ideal interpreter of an introspective narration dreamlike at a certain way , full of a timeless poetry and impossible to rationalize.
In most of his works, particularly in the outer pictures, the objective reality seems to give way to the memory of a no more existing and yet perceptible presence although in a non visual way; the perpetual memory to long for suddenly turns into a never changing present time. The presence - absence theme is going to form the leading thread , the storyteller of most of his work.
Nonetheless, in the internal shots, rich in power of suggestion, the lens seems to linger more on the twilight zone than on the enlighten one, where the female figure with her soft plasticity and inscrutable mystery, always representing his symbolic imaginary, stays wiggly and demure at the same time continuously exasperating of the optical fields in an ambience of hidden melancholy , giving the whole composing an almost metaphysical undercurrent. These images, being apart, are expressing the truth and passion of life in a dreamy world by their unusual moves.
His creative career, also characterized by an uninterrupted testing, define an intriguing, complex personality, as well as a style that, despite his continuous researching of new expressive ways, still clings to its inmost language, rich in symbolic contents.
Recently he has taken part of different collective exhibitions, in Priverno, Rome and Modena, and he's regarded as one of the most interesting and representative talents, of the new generation.

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