Ryan Pendleton

I am a mostly self-taught photographer, taking knowledge and inspiration from countless others who so willingly post their work on the web and in photography books for others to devour. I'm based in the St. Louis, Missouri area where I enjoy various forms of photography including: portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, night photography, etc.

My 'day job' half is involved in international business, which allows me to travel to various locations. These destinations are primarily in the far east (China, South Korea, etc.) but occasionally involve Europe and parts of the U.S. There's something exhilarating about walking out of my hotel in a strange, foreign city, camera in-hand, eager to document as creatively as possible the new environment in which I find myself.

Mostly due to the attention I've received from internet postings of my photography, I've been accepting requests to take 'professional' portraits for clients in the area. While my passion remains (and will always remain) photographing people, places, and things for myself and my family, I would eventually like to offer my services consistently to customers wanting anti-Portrait Studio results. Ideally I'd utilize unusual locations, lighting, clothing, props, and camera skills to give my clients something not found in their local hardware store...

- Ryan

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