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You have arrived at a garden of art, science, poetry, music and ideas, and landed on a platform that serves to connect diverse domains and to collect various strands of the interests and workings of SoundEagle.

It is SoundEagle‘s goal and pleasure that you find ample enjoyment and meanings in perusing SoundEagle‘s posts and pages, which, as you might have observed, tend to be polysemic, pluralistic and multifaceted, given that they often contain complementary prose, poetry, art, graphics, cartoons, animations, games, puzzles, music and video, sewn and strewn together synergistically as well as aesthetically, but whose denotations and connotations are left in your hands, in your eyes as a beholder, in your ears as an audience, in your mind as an interpreter, in your heart as a connoisseur, in your patronage as a reader, in your discretion as a fellow blogger, and in your whim as a free thinker.

Please feel free to leave plenty of your footprints, to share your thoughts and feelings, to join SoundEagle on a special quest of empathy and consilience, via wisdom and understanding, through discovery and appreciation. For those who have a playful or adventurous streak, your patience with wading through posts and pages will be rewarded by music and video as well as interactive games, puzzles and animations, all of which await your discovery and enjoyment.

One of the ongoing goals of SoundEagle is the nuanced conveyance and stylised rendition of various messages and ideas through certain thematic threads and inventive interfaces whilst connecting, organising and bolstering a variety of textual, visual and aural elements, which are intended to be mutually enhanced by their multiplicity and facilitated by their multisensory contexts, interactive potentials and synergetic significance, irrespective of their degree of confluence and interdependency. With respect to the style, design and content, SoundEagle hopes that you will find something to your liking, to jolt your memory, to pique your interest, to linger in your mind, to provoke a discussion, to question a paradigm, to gain new insights, to see from multiple perspectives, to become more holistic — something that provides the extra spark for you to be more enriched and consilient — something born of, or connected to, the interests of SoundEagle, which include:

Web Design, Website Administration, Graphics, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Research, Document Editing, Translating, Musical Composition, MIDI Sequencing, Sound Editing, Music Theory, Music Analysis, Gardening, Horticulture, Jewellery Design, Beading, Indoor Decorating, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Cosmology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Health, Education, Food, Fashion, Movies and Music.

Small samples of my music (mainly preselected and purposely confined to a few genres) are available at:

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