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Some people have Gurus, I have my camera. Through the cam lenses I have learnt to deeply perceive life, not only to see, but to look at all its expressions, becoming able to read the poetry of the flowers, receiving the embrace of the trees and flying above the clouds without wings! - Susie Sun



PARADISE exists and is personal. The map is within each one of us. It is essential to study hard in order to locate and understand its reading. No one will ever give us this map. Other minds can only help us with our study, because alone, our mind will go nowhere. To be able to reach it, we have to pay the price, passing through storms and deserts. We can choose not to reach it, but the end result is the existence of small islands of joy in the midst of vast oceans of emptiness.

FULL FREEDOM can only be experienced from at the moment we stop harming the Planet where we are and respect the uniqueness of each form of manifested life. It requires breaking from ignorance and developing the highest level of ethics. Live and let live, live together, learn and teach, if it is not possible to live together, move, and if your space is invaded, warn the intruder, if they don't understand, "bite". True freedom only applies to the absolute break from ignorance, including within the heart.

FULL HAPPINESS is only possible when the whole is in equilibrium and harmonized. Without internal harmony and all that surrounds us, happiness is an illusion, just a personal well being confused with happiness and poor durability. There is no formula; each must discover the path, your own formula.

LIFE is the Manifested Universal Intelligence; an indescribable beauty, dynamic, in constant transformation and creation process. We must have unconditional love for life to be within its flow, and thus also to create, build and transform; love Life unconditionally, regardless of what others think; make it independent of your mistakes and successes in the process of growth.

EVIL-evil does not exist as a source; evil is a product of ignorance.

COSMIC LAWS-The cosmic laws exist; it is not a question of belief but a fact. According to the progress of our evolutionary journey, we are discovering, experiencing and testing each law, to finally reach our free will in harmony with each discovered law; but to achieve perfection, which is the perfect balance in ourselves, each one of us has to discover it in our own way, because we are singular stars. When we get it, we come into beautiful harmonization with the network of life, each of us performing our part for the perfect "functioning" of the cosmic Web, before all that, without exception, LIGHT and DARKNESS, PAIN and LOVE, WILL BE OUR MASTERS with EQUAL INTENSITY, Whether WE LIKE IT OR NOT ...

The HUMAN RACE has not yet become "human", some groups and individuals strive for such intent. We are all beings in construction.

LOVE is the largest and most complete INTELLIGENCE of all universes, realities and dimensions, we are still in the embryonic stage to its understanding.

ETHICS Individually or collectively, is relatively a moral concept not because it is timely or fashionable. (this is moral), Ethics, when well understood, will demonstrate eternal truths about right and wrong (everything that upsets the balance is wrong), so healthy Ethics is a matter of SURVIVAL. Ethics not only cover human issues, but must be present in any dealings with planet Earth, nature and unique, without which no life would be possible, therefore worthy of respect and reverence.

INTELLIGENCE - Its manifestation means the information accumulated in the brain is known how to be used. The information in the brain is not intelligence itself, such as a computer, the brain is the PC, who uses it and how well it is used will demonstrate the presence of high or low intelligence. Higher the Intelligence is, less we harm the others and the environment and more we help the progress of the people and all that's alive, there is a deeply understanding that we are interconnected to many systems of life, all that we do, soon or later, comes back to us in larger or smaller scale, that's not religion, but science.

SUPERIOR AND INFERIOR - don't believe in superiority and inferiority, but in Primitivism and evolution. Those who are behind are exactly where we once were; and those who are ahead of us will one day be at our side. Only some go at the speed of a turtle and others are pilots of formula one.

SIMPLICITY- Since real simplicity contains the complexity itself, to be able to experience the simplicity of living, in its fullness, it is necessary prior assimilating the complexities of life.

JUDGMENT do not judge by appearances, they can be very misleading. It is necessary to see essence, and we are just barely able to see a little of the essence because we do not perceive it in ourselves. We must strive for understanding, this does not imply acceptance. Understanding is crucial and now the Major Challenge is to know how to deal wisely.

TRUTH - The truth indeed LIBERATES, the truth is always beautiful, it is ugly and painful the moment when the illusion is broken, for we live life attributed to an artificial beauty and being artificial, it is not sustainable.

INDEPENDENCE is all an illusion.

EXAMPLE (I wrote this text when we used to hear CD):

When you put a CD to enjoy a sound that gives you pleasure, what happened before you can enjoy this moment of pleasure?

Someone spent the time to write the songs, people manufactured the instruments; others had to get the raw materials to fabricate the instruments that are finally distributed in stores. Various persons invented and perfected apparatus to record music, as well as equipment and accessories with a function to reproduce it and finally, having succeeded in both situations, made distributions to markets. To reiterate, imagine the number of people involved with the whole process of manufacturing and distribution of the CD in your hands that you are about to enjoy!

Now think about each product used in your day-to-day life. Look in any direction and you'll notice a number, sometimes a large number of people involved so that you can reasonably spend your day. You are completely dependent on a large network of human beings and thus have access to basic minimum or even a full life of comfort, luxury and pleasures that money (currently) can provide. It is possible, under favorable conditions, some autonomy is in the environment we live, but do not confuse certain autonomy with independence!

This is not the only network that we are entirely dependent upon. There is a network of nature that keeps us alive, providing all food and all raw materials for consumption of products that we need.

There is also a more subtle network, but just as important as any for a healthy survival, that which is of affection and gratitude of our individual existence, for without it we become sick and unhealthy ...

As such there are many other networks and subnets that sustain us, keeping us alive at various levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence, as we are an integral part of these networks, fitting in fulfilling our role in the progress of the net / web and when we refuse, this same network / web does not give us back what we need ...

DRUGS - All drugs alter the perception at different levels of reality (including alcohol), working as a pair of scissors cutting through our natural sensor allowing the dark side, that we all have at this stage of evolution, to come to the surface, invariably damaging, often violently, to a greater or lesser degree, ourselves and eventually all that are close to us. Drugs take you for a very long journey, far from yourself. DEEP AWARENESS CAN ONLY EXIST UNDER THE YOKE OF CLARITY.


Love is not born ready
Love is to be learned
Love becomes
It is not a mere emotion
Love is pure intelligence
A continuous movement
That we must follow up
With faith, ethics, strength and courage.
Therefore, live in love
Is the biggest challenge in our life!

- Text by Susie Sun
- English revision by Bruce A. Mc Mahon.

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