Zaid Saadallah

Zaid Shishani (Zaid Saadallah): Born 22nd. December, 1978.

Early in his life he developed a love for art that he pursued through pencil sketching, Oil painting, and water based colors. Later in his life he decided that this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. So he stumbled upon a career in graphic arts, since it was the closest thing to art while earning a living.

In 1999 because he couldn't afford to purchase a personal computer to practice for his career in Graphic arts, he enrolled in a Government funded Graphic Arts school, recommended to him by a friend of the family. Upon completing his one year study in Graphic arts, He was recruited by a Saudi company in September 2000, that did marketing and PR services during his employment, Zaid handled designing and overseeing the print media production line as an in-house designer.

A few years later in October 2003 he needed to find new environment were he can further expand his experience in the field of Graphic Art, he applied for a number of promising companies that specialized in the field of advertising. from which he landed a job at a starter Advertising company in which he was responsible for delivering eye-catching graphic work, and overseeing the print quality of the final product.

Later that year he quit his job and decided to look for a new one in his home country (Jordan). In April 2005 after spending a month unemployed, he found a Job in Amman at a small Advertising company through which he assumed the position of a Graphic designer and only kept the job for one month before submitting his letter of resignation duo to conflicts with the vision of the company. Being un-climatized to the Jordanian market, he traveled back to Saudi Arabia, and immediately was offered a job at fairly large advertising company (Al-Elania Advertising Co.) that produced the "Blue Pages Business Directory" in Arabic and English. During his time in the company he designed print advertisements for a large number of clients.

While still working at "Al-Elania" a friend of his brought him a Canon 400D DSLR camera that his friend didn't know how to use. Having a curious mind for figuring how thing work Zaid took the camera for a spin, and was fascinated by the possibilities. He became hooked and didn't take him too long to go shopping for his first DSLR camera. That's when he purchased his first Canon EOS 450D camera and started hunting for every thing that seemed beautiful to him. While becoming more obsessed and even more fascinated with photography, he quit his job so he can have more time to pursue his new passion. After learning the basic, armed with his small DSLR camera he got small photography gigs for small clients, and worked his way up from their while upgrading his arsenal of photography gear.

During his learning curve, he was fortunate enough to find wonderful tutorials and lighting techniques on Youtube, taking every thing he learned in to consideration, he landed big gigs for big clients. However he wanted his photography to only reflect his personality, and wanted to become more independent, that's when he stumbled upon stock photography, and found a number of online agencies that he signed-up with and started taking and selling stock photos through those agencies.

Realizing that doing stock photography didn't require to be far away from his home country, so he went back to Jordan, and established his home based studio and worked on expanding his photo library till this day. and nothing so far brings him any more joy than capturing photos with his camera.

Zaid Shishani is currently an active contributor at the following stock photo agencies:

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