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Aaron Nace

Aaron Nace



2916 Phlearn is a DAILY video show on photography and Photoshop. We give everything we know absolutely FREE. Phlearn is quickly becoming an amazing community where people can come and ask questions and have them answered by someone they trust. We are making 5 episodes a week and putting a ton of effort into making each episode great! If you are learning Photoshop and Photography, and need some place to have your questions answered and a daily dose of fun learning, Phlearn is for you!

Film Noir

Published January 31st, 2013

There are a few key factors in designing lighting for a single image or for a series. The first thing to keep in mind is what type of mood or feeling you want to convey in the images. Lighting can play a huge role in the mood of an image, so it is important to tie he two together in the conceptual stage. For this series we wanted to go for a bit of a somber mood, and the lighting reflects that.

We used gels on most lights to add interest and a fog machine to add atmosphere, making the lighting visible. We stayed away from “edgy” lighting which would have placed multiple rim lights on the subjects and went for something a bit more natural. The goal for the series was to make images that didn’t necessarily look they were lit with strobes, rather with lights that would exist in the environment. For example the photo of the two girls in the car has a red light coming from behind, and your brain assumes that it is coming from a tail light.

When the sun goes down you tend to see much warme ...

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Crazy Fourth

Published July 5th, 2012

In honor of mother America's birthday, the Phlearn team paid homage to the land of the brave by creating the most patriotic photographs ever seen. Armed with seven strobes, two leaf blowers, and a box of American flagsicles, we took to the Phlearn studio to take portraits reminiscent of famed photographer Jill Greenberg's unique style.

Three gridded stripboxes were used as hair and rim lights, while a large softbox paired with two gridded 7" reflectors served as the key and fill lights. A seventh gridded light was shot into red seamless paper to create the vivd background you see here. The key and fill lights were actually positioned lower than subject's eye level in order to better emulate Greenberg's style. By the end of the shoot, the floor was sticky with melted popsicles. We hope that you had as wonderful a Fourth of July as we did!

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A Dolls House

Published May 30th, 2012

A Dolls House

Promised an amazing life filled with all they could ever want; all but the love of the man who promised he would be there. Women are treated like objects, just another pretty piece to fill a cold castle. They sit and wait for a man who is not coming home to them.

All the rooms in these images are miniatures, photographed in the Art Institute of Chicago. We couldn't find any 3" tall women, so some compositing was necessary.

Deep in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago is a room full of miniatures. "The 68 Thorne Miniature Rooms enable one to glimpse elements of European interiors from the late 13th century to the 1930s and American furnishings from the 17th century to the 1930s. Painstakingly constructed on a scale of one inch to one foot, these fascinating models were conceived by Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago and constructed between 1932 and 1940 by master craftsmen according to her specifications."

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Published May 30th, 2012

The world is full of typical "Beauty" photos, making people seem even more than perfect; flawless skin, perfect hair and makeup, chiseled features, and all of it fake.

There is something very wrong with the world if that is how we see beauty, placing value on how people look, not who they are.

What if a photo showed what people look like on the inside instead of on the outside? That is what this series is about. No matter how hard they try, they can't keep from showing who they are.

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