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Ange Jorge Bersabal

Ange Jorge Bersabal



Photo Hobbyist from Davao, Philippines. It's the light more than anything.. your subject only accentuates what light you have..

It's only Black & White

Published April 6th, 2012

Black -- the absence of all visible light

White -- the reflection of all visible colors.

Black and White -- How does one define these two colors? Or should we even call or qualify them as colors in the first place?

Regardless of what we might think, with just these two, we can create a whole new world of beauty. I never did appreciate black & white pictures way back then not until I became a photo hobbyist. Why would anyone want a black and white picture when you can have them in color? Right? Wrong! Definitely wrong!

Black & Whites reminds us of what beauty should be in its most primal basic term. Try to imagine and look at things in Black and White and you'll soon find out that its a way of looking at things devoid of any biases. Your favorite color and your most hated one -- throw it out the window. And what you get to see is something basic, primal.. fundamentally beautiful.

Pictures below is my first shoot taken in black & white mode (on cam). I never did imagine that shooting ...

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