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Abhijit Ranade

Abhijit Ranade



With my eyes hovering 6 feet 3 inches over the ground, scanning everything that falls in their sight to rediscover & capture that thrills them, I'm a Software Engineer from Nagpur city : the Center of my Motherland India. If you find a man roaming around with a Nikon D60 camera hanging around his shoulders in the busy Nagpur streets, with the Biggest grin an excited man can grin, I'll say You found Me :) I am an amateur : an untutored Camera-man, but what I missed in the classrooms is what life itself has been teaching me through the Mistakes and Marvels I create with My Camera. The main aim is to capture the immaculate dance of lights and shadows grafted with human emotions. I hope you cherish the Journey I am living through my camera, after all it's the journey that draws you to the Movies like 'Hangover' and the 'Lord of the Rings' and not the THE END :) My Name ; Abhijit Ranade
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