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Yaya Hasan

I was born and raised in a poor family with three siblings, and we all lived together the same small room, including my parents. We didn’t have enough money to take pictures for school registration. The deprivation I had in my early childhood created in me a challenge to pursuits photography. And I always liked to travel and take pictures of nature and people. The deprivation and the passion to travel a lot made me a photographer. I was delayed for one year joining elementary school, because my family couldn’t afford enough money. After a while, my family could afford an expense of a black and white photo,while others bought them in color. Being from a poor family, I couldn’t afford pictures of any
school events. I like to travel a lot, because the world is full of fantastic, historical places and amazing landscapes. Capturing the moment and converting it into a memory is a wonderful thing. I love to capture the unique moments with my family and my friends. I believe a picture can be memorized forever. Because of that I wanted to capture these inspirational scenes in pictures when words can’t.
Most creative people in this world came out of poor families. They had a tough life,and I had the same. The poverty, the passion, traveling a lot, love of nature, and capturing the beautiful moments all motivated me to be a passionate photographer.