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The Pros of Being a Pro...

Published May 20th, 2011

We hear a lot of photographers (myself included) preaching from their proverbial pulpit about the benefits of accurate in-camera capture. To many, it may seem more a thing of personal and professional pride than anything else (which it is in part for sure), but it certainly has its technical and creative merits as well.

Before the advent of digital photography, the “fix it later” mentality was not an option. Sure, there was a certain degree of dodging and burning that you could do to obtain a moderately acceptable print from a less than desirable exposure, but for the most part, if you blew your shot, you blew your shot. I still believe that exceptional photography requires creative inspiration and technical exactness. This means having an understanding of how to properly record the scene in front of you with the photographic tools at your disposal. In layman’s terms, this means understanding how to make an accurate image. And for the record, “accurate” doesn’t necessarily mean a tra ...

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