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ALLY McCRAE RIP 22 Aug 1988 - 17 Nov 2011

Published February 6th, 2012

Just got this in off Geo Thomson an artist known in the MMA comunity who does amazing large scale paintings of iconic moments from the UFC fight archives.

Geo asked me some time ago if i could kindly supply him with a photograph of Scottish MMA Fighter Ally McCrae he had seen somewhere. He sent me the link to my pic, and it was a nice photo i toolk of Ally walking towards the cage at the OMMAC MMA show in Liverpool in early 2011, for his fight with local favourite and rising MMA star Pietro Menga.

Ally wasnt particluarly nervous, or anxious and seemed to be taking it all in his stride, the photo was pretty cool as OMMAC use some great lights and smoke effects when the fighters walk to the Cage. Although Ally lost the fight, he was still smiling at the end of it and gave a good account of himself.

Ally died later in 2011, in an unfortunealy accident at work where he worked in an Abbatoir where beleive it or not, a dead bull fell on him. I guess it was a fight with a mammoth heavyweight he couldn’t hope to win, and it was a tragic loss for his family and friends for someone who looked like he liked to live life to the max.

Geo Thompson used this photo to create a large painting for Ally’s family which was completed this week. RIP Ally McCrae.







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