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I have been a full time photographer since 1992. Up until 2014 my work focused primarily on garden photography and up until that point had many thousands of images published in gardening magazine across North America. My nature photography continues to be used throughout the globe for all kinds of applications. A big part of my life has been spending time in the outdoors. Whether it be trail running, climbing, hiking and so on photography is really just another excuse for me to get out into the wilds. Nature photography as well as garden photography have taken me to some remarkable locations and I have been very fortunate indeed to be able to eek out a living from something that I love doing. My main focus in nature photography has varied over the years however I do tend to be drawn to contrasts in colour and more intimate views within grander landscapes, although lately I have been slapping on the wide angle. I thoroughly enjoy finding scenes of simplicity but also like the challenge of putting together more complex compositions.
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