Adam Tompkins

Hmmm. About me huh? Well shit. Names Adam. I turn 21 in November. Upfront, I'm a nice person, I have the uncanny ability to make you laugh, my hearts comparibly sized to Antartica. i put alot of peoples happiness before my own, but I love and respect myself too. so dont make the mistake of trying to "get one over" on me due to my forward kindness.

I skate, I have for 15 years now. It's as much a passion as music is for me. In which I plan to have a career involving for. If you'd like to know what I mean, I mean I'm going to be a songwriter/composer/producer for my music. I sing, play piano and guitar, though I favor the piano in honesty.

As for my physical appearance, I'm 6'1, 150 lbs, brown hair brown/dark hazel eyes. contagious smile, and I'm tattooed like a motherfucker. <3

And my now girlfriend kick ass :)

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