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Published June 8th, 2012

photographying the sky in night

Only dust in space

Horsehead nubula B33 in Orion.

15 exposures 600sec. each are summed up in order to enhance the signal to noise ratio. This results in an equivalent overall exposure time of 2.5 h.
With the naked eye only the two brightest stars in the image are visible and you need at least a 10 inch telescope to get only a glimpse of the horsehead nebula.
This is not the case for photographic observation. A 3 inch Pentax 75 SDHF apochromatic refractor with a focal length of 500 mm was used to shoot this picture.

  • Canon 350Da (modified)
  • 500mm / f/f/6.6 / 15x 600 sec

Myriads of star

  • Canon 350Da (modified)
  • 200mm / f/f/3.5 / 12x 300 sec

Sword of Orion

  • Canon 350Da
  • 500mm / f/f/6.6 / 9 x 600 sec

Blood red moon

Lunar eclipse on 3rd March 2007.

The full moon passes through the shadow of the earth, painting the moon blood red.
Combination of 5 different exposures between 1/200 sec and 15 sec.

Nocturnal me

Selfportrait during astrophotography session. Car back-light used for illumination

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John Lew  almost 6 years ago


Waldina Carvalho Photography  almost 6 years ago

Spectacular! Special! ;)

Diego Vallejo  almost 6 years ago

Great! What a beauty!

C. Lear  almost 6 years ago

Fantastic Series.... Like+++