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Autumn deer Spotting

Published October 15th, 2012

An a sunny autumn Day what could be better than a brisk walk through the Berkshire countryside. In the grounds of Winsdor Great Park is a large deer park, fenced off so the deer do not escape. The Deer are semi tame whist they are used to humans walking on their land they are not overly comfortable a will run if they feel threatened. It is Rutting season so this could be another reason. These are my 3 favourite shots from the day. I feel these show the personality of the specific deer I focused on the best.

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Street Photogrpahy: Brick Lane

Published May 7th, 2012

This was the first time I went out purely with the idea of street photography in mind. I enjoyed it, especially trying to capture the perfect moment. I found parts difficult as I missed quite a few moment as people kept walking in front of my lens. People and stall holders generally seemed happy with having there picture taken or being in a scene. There were a lot of photographers around Brick Lane especially around 2/3ish. Brick Lane is definitely one of the top places in London for street photography. Sunday UP market is a must see the lighting around the food stalls is superb combined with the smoke from the pans and pots make for some wonderful scenes.

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Product photography

Published February 23rd, 2012

I decided a few weeks ago that I would like to experiment with product photography. I found it very interesting and like that you have to pay so much attention to detail as the product is the main focus point so everything has to be just perfect. I also like the way what I got to try out different lighting scenarios. A lot work also goes in to the post processing stage as well, a lot of time is spent cleaning up the product removing spots, dust and anything that may cause a distraction. Even slight alterations have to take place such as evening out the distance the Clinique products were in photoshop and adding in the steam for the shot of the mug.

This was my first time trying out this type of photography and I would really appreciate any feed back you could give me on it.

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