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Aetiyuel Williams

Aetiyuel Williams



Photography is a unique and powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. If you are out there shooting, you will live within the happenings out there, all I wish to do is to capture the moments and the beauty of Nature. I believe photography makes you enable to live each and every moment lively and to cherish those wonderful moments over and over again. I capture what I have seen with my perspective and that makes me feel sharing with those who are missing it !!

Nature Photography

Published March 8th, 2012

Since I knew that I can own a camera I was pretty excited to take pictures in fact started clicking randomly and by accident I capture some beautifully which made me photographer. Developing photography as a career was an option for me as I own a professional camera at early age but I was not ready to do assignments just sake of money as I already had a way out to earn money and continue photography as a hobby.

Hobby comes through your interest and passion from certain stimulus those are either innate or developed through your unconscious mind. I own it by hereditary, strange though.. Technology has brought so many advance innovation and cameras became compact and digital but my love for the vintage things never left out my mind, I never say I swim against the flow in the main-stream but still following the trend unknowingly is out of course for me. I do not want to spoil the law of nature by my passion and interest for few clicks. I have seen people, sorry I am not calling ...

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