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The Fairy At The Bottom Of My Garden

Published May 7th, 2012

It is true, if you look long enough you will find them. Two SB800's, one on camera with a Gary Fong diffuser and the second one handheld as a rim light. Beauty is all around us, you just need to find it.

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Little Shopkeepers

Published April 7th, 2012

In Africa, child labor takes on a whole new meaning.

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The Open Spaces Of Africa

Published April 5th, 2012

On a recent trip to the North of Namibia we had a chance to visit the remote Koakoland. We traveled for two weeks through this remote wilderness and only encountered two other vehicles. Although Africa is a vast continent, there are not many places as beautiful and remote as this.

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Having fun with your camera equipment.

Published April 1st, 2012

Playing around with Nikon's Creative Lighting System.

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Shooting into the sun.

Published January 11th, 2012

We have all heard the rule, always make sure the sun is behind you. Well, sometimes we need to break that rule. The two pics below illustrate my point. In both of them I am shooting directly into the sunset. In the first picture the sun is just out of frame and in the second one the sun is directly behind my son's head, creating the halo effect. I used an off camera flash to light his face. So even though there are rules in photography, it is sometimes a good idea to break them.

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The Kids Of Africa

Published January 7th, 2012

Africa is about survival. It is a poor continent where a lot of people are just trying to survive from day to day. Yet, the children are always happy. I travel a lot around Africa and where ever I go, whatever the hardships they face, the children are always happy. I think we can learn something from the children of Africa.

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A wide angle lens can be your friend.

Published August 27th, 2011

Wide angle lenses are not everyone’s favourite. A lot of photographers don’t like them due to the distortion they create, even more visible when photographing people. But a wide angle is nice when you want to put your subject in context with its environment especially when the people in your picture don’t want to be in it.

I asked this food vendor if I could take a picture and the lady in the background refused to be photographed, so I switched to my wide angle and asked if I could photograph the food. I angled my camera down a bit and got the shot without them even knowing they are in in.

Oh, and I bought some meat on a stick from him, very tasty.

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Chimpanzees in the wild

Published August 25th, 2011

For those of you who would like to photograph chimpanzees in the wild, there is a chimpanzee sanctuary in the North of the Rep. of the Congo called the Conkuati Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It is managed by a French organization called HELP.

I have visited this sanctuary on a few occasions now and every time had an amazing experience seeing our closest living relatives in the wilderness. These amazing animals are under great threat and we need to protect them for the next generation.

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Late afternoon light. 70-200VR, 200mm @ f2.8, 1/250s ISO100

f2.8 The magic number?

Published August 24th, 2011

When I first heard someone using the term “fast glass” I had no idea what they were talking about. So I had to ask. Apparently all lenses with an aperture of 2.8 or bigger, like f2, f1.8 and so on are considered fast glass. This came to me as a great shock when I examined my lenses as they were all “slow glass”.

Over the years I have changed out all my lenses so that now all of them have the magic no of f2.8 or faster. Some of my earlier photographs of which I am quite proud were all shot with slow lenses, but once you get use to f2.8 you realise what the big fuss is all about, even more so when you lose light, like shooting chimpanzees in the rainforest for example.

You don’t need a fast lens to make good pictures and there's photographers out there who are creating stunning images with an entry level DSLR and a kit lens. But when you are in a tricky low-light situation, f2.8 rocks.

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Africa Is Calling

Published August 21st, 2011

Africa. To most people Africa resembles the Dark Continent. Wild and untamed with lots of wildlife roaming the Great Plains. Well, for one thing, Africa is the last Great Wilderness for wildlife photographers who wants to photograph animals like lions, elephants and hippos to name a few, in their natural environment.

I was born in Africa and have lived here my whole life. Africa and its people are in my blood. Although there are lots of conservation efforts going on, there are certain species, like the Great Apes, which faces a bleak future. Due to uncontrolled logging, civil conflict and the hunt for bush meat these magnificent creatures could be extinct from their natural habitat if we do not start doing something about it, create awareness about their plight.

To travel in Africa and experience the amazing wildlife close-up and then end the day sitting around the campfire, to me that is about as good as it gets.

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