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Agnes Bollok Csor

Agnes Bollok Csor



I finished photography in the time when you didn't needed to have a good camera to be a good photographer, when there were no Photoshop, when we learned how to develop pictures with our hand and correct mistakes with a pencil on the negative, it was fun and I loved it. When this digital photography came in I so hated it that I stopped taking pictures for a long time but I always felt some emptiness inside me. I was missing a part of me. So finally I forced myself to buy a simple camera and start taking pictures again. I still don't like this new digital pictures, don't even know how to use Photoshop, these new pictures look way to perfect, sterile for me but at the end I adopted to it and I finally feel whole again cause I do what I love. Even if I decided to do it only as a hobby cause I love my job, working in my pet shop, where I have lots of free time to play with the pictures I take. Maybe my pictures are with mistakes, they are not perfect but they show me perfectly, a simply girl with lots of dreams and who is far from perfect, a little broken, a little lost but still with big hopes and dreams. In every picture I tried to capture my soul, part of my soul. Every picture is me in some way :) .....and one more thing. I am not here to compete with all those great photographers out there. I am not here to beg for your likes and votes. I am just here to show my work. If you like it, it sure will make me happy, if you don't that is good too. And if I vote or comment on your work that just mean I really love it, I don't expect anything in return. Thank you for visiting my page :)
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