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Polish Winters

Published July 19th, 2011

I took this photo when we were visiting my family for the holidays this last December. It was one of those cold winter days when big snow flakes fall from the sky and the sun sets at 3pm.

This forest, as well as surrounding towns and villages used to be owned by an affluent Zamoyski family. One of their many beautiful palace residences is still located in these woods. I remembered it from childhood as my dad used to own beehives and thousands of honey bees he cared for not far from the palace. It's one of those places in my memory that I long for as an adult. There was a big cherry tree with the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted and a beautiful clover field with little yellow flowers that gave the honey it's floral fragrance. The beehives were lined in front of my favorite hazelnut trees. It's a good thing I'm not allergic to bees because I could not resist these delicious fresh nuts and braved the stingers each time I visited.

It's no wonder that I wanted to share this place with my American boyfriend and convinced him to walk with me looking for the palace. As it turned out, I grossly underestimated the distance and after 2 hours of walking and not finding our destination we decided to head back. It was a long walk yes, and the wind was blowing through the fields on our little country road such that exactly half of our bodies were covered with white powder. We did not find the palace and we got a bit cold but in the end we have this memory and some beautiful photos to show for it.

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