Aika Buenavista

Smart, Sassy, and Fearless are the words that can perfectly describe this young female photographer. Aika Buenavista is known for her creative and captivating takes on photography whether it be in the field of fashion or wedding photography. Her love and passion to capture photographs started when she was invited to a prenuptial shoot. Clueless but curious, Aika did not hesitate to take a photo and in that instant she knew that photography was meant for her. She paved her way into the world of photography through covering different wedding events in Baguio and ventured into fashion and landscape photography. But the biggest influence to Aika’s career in photography is her colleague and friend, Ron Garcia. Ron’s works inspired Aika to pursue photography and he continually encourages Aika to never stop taking photographs.
Now, Aika is a member of the Baguio Photographer’s Club and is one of the forefront photographers of Blacklight Multimedia. Aika definitely has much to offer to the world of photography. She is always enthusiastic to take photographs and always tries to see things differently but in a beautiful way. Her unique style in capturing the most candid moments in life and brilliant skills in creating stories though photographs, marks the Aika Buenavista photograph.

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