Aivis Ilsters

I got my first camera when i was 7 years old and since then never put it away. I believe it corrected my vision, - at first physically and later also for my soul as i grew into seeing and appreciating beauty around me.
It has been some while now since i understood that capturing people i like the most.
Photography has always been only as a hobby to me as i never could afford countless film rolls or better cameras or lenses or photo studies.
Digital era opened wider possibilities for me to capture light where i did not dare to take pictures with film camera before.
Lately my photographic interest has been turned to dance photography and other kind of performance where emotions and skill are shown. I have seen some interesting guidelines through the years leading me towards it as it has grown into Dream now which starts to dawn...
I’ve been folk dancer myself since i was 4, so maybe it adds to my photographic eye. At least i hope so.