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Aivis Ilsters

Aivis Ilsters

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I got my first camera when i was 7 years old and since then never put it away. I believe it corrected my vision, - at first physically and later also for my soul as i grew into seeing and appreciating beauty around me. It has been some while now since i understood that capturing people i like the most. Photography has always been only as a hobby to me as i never could afford countless film rolls or better cameras or lenses or photo studies. Digital era opened wider possibilities for me to capture light where i did not dare to take pictures with film camera before. Lately my photographic interest has been turned to dance photography and other kind of performance where emotions and skill are shown. I have seen some interesting guidelines through the years leading me towards it as it has grown into Dream now which starts to dawn... I’ve been folk dancer myself since i was 4, so maybe it adds to my photographic eye. At least i hope so.


Published January 7th, 2014

Another year has passed (2013). My last "Stories" entry exactly year ago.

I had this picture, which i find funny, but also quite powerful, especially with added title - “Monitoring”

Kind of wanted to share it, but it does not really fits in between other pictures of pure images of dance photography.

So i am putting it here in my Stories (blogging) section, although it could be that nobody will read it anyway. But it is still good for myself to write (it helps me to think and express myself as i go) - reflect on some thoughts this particular image creates in me. And it kind of go with reflection of the past year and looking forward to the New One.

I also reread my last entry - of the past year and it is exciting to look back of the things (events/ opportunities) what happened in the previous year as i stepped into it with excitement of unknown.

Monitoring - keep an eye on, check, track, observe …

that would be meaning of the picture’s title for me - as i am looking back to previous yea ...

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New Year

Published January 1st, 2013

New Year!.... - it's a new start, or new starting point, which helps to look back on previous length of time - previous year and it's achievements or failures. For me it was a GREAT photographic year, - year which i could not imagine that it could be so rich with all the possibilities i had fulfilling my Dream of Ballet photography. I am grateful for all the opportunities i had to capture dancers and there are still lots of photos to develop to make an Art out of them... BUT... there is (for me) more to Dream about concerning Ballet photography and it is probably good thing... which leaves some space for new surprises and opportunities which might come my way. In that way New Year excites me, thinking about thoughts and feelings i will have at the end of 2013.

And whoever wanders here to read these lines - i wish you to be richer next year - not with money, but the heart which Rejoices over the New Miracles of Great moments (Great Photos) to give / share with others and to store for ye ...

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More then a dream...

Published September 21st, 2012

In our life there is so many "first time(rs)"... some are smaller, some bigger, some more important then others ...

At this point I have reached one of them - it is Big one (for me)...

As i was reflecting on my photographic walk... - it is actually hard for me to believe that this Day has come, - that i will have proper exhibition and even with works dedicated to dance. So many small miracles have happened to put this "puzzle" (exhibition) together and most of them happened in a time of a year or even less then that. Yes, - my Tree of Dance has grown fast, - even too fast for me to sort all it's leafs (all the images i have taken)... I kind of already start to wonder where it will lead me in the future ..., but maybe that is not important (to dream about future), maybe for now it is more important to live in this moment of experiencing Dream come true and to enjoy every opportunity i am having giving memories to the people who are not in the bright spotlight where professionals walk ( ...

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Published December 4th, 2011

BALLETIZED - one more step towards my Dream of ballet photography, - for the first time i was able to photograph ballet lesson.

I hope that i will also experience some kind of Evolution like this :)

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Lifelong camera man

Through a keyhole to the rooms of Art

Published November 25th, 2011

Talking about photography, - we all start at some point and go somewhere in our journeys. I think that sometimes i get stuck and go in circles missing on progress.

But generally i hope that my photographic pilgrimage through the years has brought some progress along the way.

We can follow the crowds with their demands and suggestions on how good photograph should look like and what equipment is the best, but we can also walk on our own and discover lots of things ourselves as we go. And this probably is me, - walking on my own and hopefully progressing, at least a bit. Sometimes encouraged and sometimes discouraged about my photographic journey. But at least through the years i understood what i like (or would like) to picture. Lots of those "would likes" seems like dreams to me and only time to time i can catch a glimpse of those dreams, like a man looking through a keyhole to rooms of Art where others can walk freely, having free access to all articles and assets to create photograph ...

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