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Throwing Away Affection

Published September 21st, 2011

I am having coffee with a fellow photographer and we eventually get around to discussing 500px. I start explaining how I have been surprised at the reaction (or not) to the photos I have posted. You have probably experienced the same thing I have. That “killer” photo you absolutely love gets a so-so reaction and a couple of votes, while that “meh” photo of the cat gets all the looks and all the votes. Why that is would be an endless debate. However, I am still interested in how the public perceives my photos.

I look at the ratio of views to votes instead of the number of votes as an indication of how “compelling” the photo actually is. If a photo has ten views and seven votes, to me that is an interesting or compelling photo. Keep in mind that seven votes would get your photo into the Upcoming category. If the same photo has thirty views and seven votes, then (based on my loose theory), it is not an interesting or compelling photo. However, it would still get into the Upcoming catego ...

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Anticipation is killing me

Published September 2nd, 2011

I am watching the clock and I swear it is running backwards! My Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens arrives in a few hours and you would think I am awaiting the birth of a child. I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing this lens after a long run of renting and trying various lenses at the wide/ultra wide end of the scale including the 17-40, 16-35, and the 24-105. This lens is a beast but oh so sweet. Thank goodness, it is a long holiday weekend for my honeymoon with the new lens.

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