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Alain Schneuwly - One Eye Sees, The Other Feels

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Hello and a warm welcome ! My name is Alain and I am a photography enthusiast and consultant. My work over the last 20+ years has given me the opportunity to live, travel and photograph many places around 5 continents. For me photography is a way to relax, express my emotions and share my view of the world as a simple witness. I try to photograph as much as time permits. In the early days, I was more into landscape photography, certainly more captivated by the beauty of the places than its people. Today street photography is probably what I enjoy the most as it is a way to capture without constraints, candidly the world around me. I hope you enjoy a sample of my work here. Thank you for your visit and if you would like to contact me please visit the contact page. All the best. Alain Schneuwly Photographer - Consultant - Traveller - Father of Victor and Prokop - Married to Pavla.
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