Alan Coles

Alan Coles



  • Canon 70D, Canon 5D Mark 3
  • Canon 50mm f1.8, Canon 17-40mm L f4, Canon 24mm L f3.5 Tse, Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS L II, Canon 400mm
  • Kenko Pro 1.4 Teleconvertor, Kenko Extensions Tubes, Canon 430 EX Flashgun
  • Monfrotto & Gitzo Tripod legs, Monfrotto heads

500px What have you done ??

Published February 23rd, 2012

Once upon a time I took images and was new to photography...I was fairly new to the internet too so I looked for somewhere to show my images to friends n stuff. All things went well. Soon I found myself getting comments and votes from people - this is great I thought...but the images I uploaded were quite small and at times the impact of the small size didnt really do the image any justice. I got a bit disillusioned with the place and then one day a friend pointed me in the direction of 500px...wonderful and soon I was u0ploading images that could be seen by people all over the world...I could come and check easily if someone had posted a comment on an image and check the activity of all my images in a single click....I was fascinated by the points scoring system until some unscrupluous people started disliking my images...ooooer that is not nice but hey ho thems the breaks. Then 500px decided to update the sytem and after 24 hours I am back to being disillusioned - why fix summat that ...

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End of month in to 2012

Published January 31st, 2012

Its been a quiet month on the togging has played a major part in that. I have managed a trip to the coast for a sunset shot and a mad dash over the moors abt 10 days ago for a sunrise shoot - a morning when I was treated to a beautiful bit of colour. Last week the wife & I ventured up to Fort William for a 5 day break with coach company Lochs & Glens. Great value and you get 3 full days to enjoy the place - each day also has an excursion laid on. the 1st trip was to a Distillery and a visit to Spean Bridge but I wasn't fussed so on the way up I arranged to hire a car for the day. Sadly my visit to Glen Coe on that day was met with a fog n mist that gave no sighting of any of the great mountains up that way. You can cope with rain (umbrella was at hand) but when you can't see anything you are stumped. We drove down to the great Green Welly Shop and had lunch and the wife had a bargain animal bag - her words not We used the excursions for the next two days whic ...

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2012....a new day, a new year

Published December 31st, 2011

Highs n Lows

Well, there was some good things in 2011 and there was some bad things. Photographically, I had some 1st encounter with migrating Dotterell on top of a mountain in the Beacons - on passage to Scotland - such a buzz. Then stood waist high in a rock pool photographing Dippers & Grey Wagtails on a waterfall at eye level, as my mate would say " a life moment"

The the middle of November my external hard drive packed in...with all my images prior to 2011 on there...almost 750Gb of images...a lot of crap if I am honest but lots of stuff that was personal to me...some family pics, a trip to Barcelona to celebrate my 50th birthday, a week I spent up on Skye with my eldest lad. Hadn't backed them onto DVD so a very heavy lesson learned. Healthwise I have never been unfitter (if thats a word?)...on top of that my clumsy gene kicked in on September 15th when I was out photographing a sunset...cutting a long story short I ended up on crutches for 5/6 days and ev ...

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