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Dordogne Crops

Published August 9th, 2012

My daughter lives in a rural area of SW.France.It is a very fertile area and is a well known wine producing region.As well as grapes,corn,sunflowers and maize are grown.Fields of wild flowers are grown so that the wildlife can pollenate the crops.Butterflies,bees,dragonflies and grasshoppers are abundant.A really peacefull area to visit and photograph.

Taking A Break

Resting for a while after carrying my tripod and rucsack through the fields and the temperature up to 40c.


A field of sunflowers with grape vines beyond.The sunflowers grow to about 2m high in the fields and support each other.

Growing Wild

There are many fields of wild plants near the crops.They are there to provide a natural habitat for wildlife that pollenate the crops.


This is produced for oil and animal feed.It grows to about 2m. tall.

Corn And Grapes

Plenty of room between the crops for the machinery to travel around.The crops are rarely fenced off.

A Mix Of Crops

In the Dordogne region of France.Only sunflowers are missing from this scene.

Full Face

One flower out of thousands in the field.


A dragonfly perched on a leaf in the sun.

Dragon Fly

Taken on a country walk near my home.I don't often take pictures of things that move fast.I caught this one.It took about twenty shots.Just as well it's the digital age.

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