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How I use Star Ratings in Lightroom

Published June 22nd, 2014

I'm usually very generous with disk space and I almost never delete any photos (unless they are completely lost, aka unintentionally clicked the trigger).

1) I start my workflow in Lightroom with importing all photos into my library and review them for the first time.

When I believe a photo could be good (even if there are many in one series) I mark them with two stars (You will understand in a minute why). All my photos from this import are now either marked with 0 stars (almost trash) or 2 stars.

2) I very often want initial feedback from my wife and at this instance we both review all 2-star photos.

If we like the photo it will be rated 3-star. If we don't like the photo it falls back to 1-star.

1-star photos are average and not worth developing, 2-stars still need to be reviewed and marked either 1 or 3.

At this point I also compare similar photos and select the best (3-star) from one series.

3) 3-Stars are my "to be developed" photos - whenever I find time on my computer I devel ...

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