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Albion Harrison-Naish

Albion Harrison-Naish



I used to skip school to go wandering the city, lingering in bookshops or exploring strange arcades. Sydney used to be full of old, dusty second hand bookshops that had been there generations. Getting lost amongst its twist and turns, its parks and buildings. Sydney today is a much busier and denser place. But there are still plenty of nooks, strange angles and hidden spaces to enjoy exploring, whilst the ever changing light always brings a new scene to a familiar place. I have long admired the early mid 20th Century work of photographers like Max Dupain and David Moore. The way they used the harsh Australian sun, turning it into something romantic and reassuring, even if stark and sometimes haunting. Couple this with many years of studying history and my fascination with old photographs generally, I find the hipstamatic a perfect tool to capture the Sydney I imagine. A city fully alive within its own time, but where earlier moments creep in, announced, unannounced or just on the sly, over to the side and behind that shaft of light. Light to me is a transforming influence. It illuminates, it obfuscates, it shifts reality and it allows one to move between the dimensions of fiction and reality, from myth and imagination to those people on the street, the situations playing themselves out in front of us. I enjoy that sense of connectedness to the past of the city as I wander through it taking my photos and playing with the light. I hope you enjoy my liminal Sydney town of light and shadow.
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