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alessandro dondi

alessandro dondi



Hi, I am Alessandro, I 45 y.o. and my passion for photography was born at the age of 10 years, thanks to my father who passed it to me and giving me my first Camera. Curiosity and the desire to always get the best shot has improved my technique, while "growing up" I have developed my own “Style” of photography. I took photos, but I must say that with the advent of digital boundaries that I had for the cost of film and as a result of developments have disappeared, giving way to the fantasy that you can offer instead of the post-production with fantastic programs such as Photoshop which I am very fond of. Today my passion is combined with photography as shot and with his mandatory post-processing, without leaving any "photo montages of ispiration". Until a few years ago the only way to have a portrait or a landscape was to call someone with a knack for color and brushes, now just a smartphone. In the shot of my favorite photographic subject movement, what I like to convey, it is above all "the movement" as if those who observe the pictures were really on the scene. How many times will we ever see a picture, a photo, or listen to a song on their deal and told us that pleasantness is a subjective matter ... like it or not can be enjoyable depending on "who" is watching the or listening. But there still remains an important thing that I would call "harmony" and applies to the sounds for pictures.It’s able to transmit signals to our brain that become translated emotions and feelings. Things must be put in the right place, brush strokes that are , or individuals known portraits, dispelled by a magical and elusive something that strikes us and makes us enjoy these fruits of the imagination. Thanks, Alessandro
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