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Saṃsāra संसार (Life cycle)

Published March 15th, 2012

This 11 pictures story is like an autobiography, how and why I was thrown into photography, into China, it is also about history and reflect the Life cycle.

The order of the pictures, the stories each one has, are going through Past to Future, Death to Life, Trees to Urban life, Still-life to Portraits, and this from France to China.

Those pictures collection shots from my first Nikon compact camera, my first DSLR Canon 550D to my last Canon 7D

about Alex@China:

I really started being interested in photography during the summer 2010 taking some snapshots here and there with the fresh iPhone 4.

And to be honest, I did not like taking pictures neither posing before. Even I had the small compact Nikon coolpix serie. That one was only to capture some monuments and party moments.

All get changed after the acquisition of the Canon 550D in March 2011, I even decided to update my gear to a Canon 7D body and increased my glasses which makes my bag full of stuffs now.

Thank You for your vi ...

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Welcome everybody

Published February 9th, 2012

Hi guys,

My name is Alex, new comer on 500px, trying out to create a portfolio, I am kinda newbie at taking pictures. Working on very hard to upload the high resolution images. Need absolutely to find the old one back.

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