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Alexander J.E. Bradley

Alexander J.E. Bradley



Alexander JE Bradley hails from Australia but now lives in Paris where he has an irrational fear of being at street level. He can therefore be found happily snapping pictures on rooftops 30m above Paris, or 30m below the streets in the Catacombs. Photographer, filmmaker, producer - this mustachieod chap in his early thirties has many caps, and many talents. Among his many projects is a book of photographs of the abandoned Paris railway line, "La Petite Ceinture". In his own words, Bradley's influences include, "Photography, fashion, clowns, women without clothes and whiskey." One of his recurring photographic themes is a simple yet effective trick - he throws buckets of milk on his portrait subjects and captures the moment of impact. He call this series "The Great Spectacle of the Milking" and is preparing to unveil it to the world. In the meantime, Bradley's biggest challenge is to improve his French - he would like, one day, to speak "comme une vache espagnole"!
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