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Alexandre Guapyassu

Alexandre Guapyassu



Another one with a digital camera...

Explore Places

Published November 11th, 2012

I'm always looking for interesting nearby locations, places you can go visit over a weekend.

Last August, looking over a 250 mile radius around Dallas, my home city, I found the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refugee!

The refugee is just about 207 miles from Dallas, located at the southwestern side of Oklahoma State closer to Lawton, OK.

The Park hosts many species of plants and animals and the mountains are the oldest on earth! Wichita Mountains dated over 500 million years.

I got there by Saturday evening and spend the night at a cabin in the city of Medicine Park, a small but very charming city located at the foot of mountain Mt. Scott. The next day morning was unfortunately cloudy with rain and I was upset since the weather was ruining my photography plans.

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