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Alessandro Greganti

Alessandro Greganti



"Every photograph is like a memory, it contains a little bit of the photographer who pressed the shutter button. Since life is short and unpredictable, pictures fix those memories so they can last forever and anyone can see how I saw the world." Alessandro Greganti is a street photographer from Turin (Italy) where he lives and works in the IT field at the University of Turin. The mobile photography breathes new life into his photographic passion at end of 2010 when he discovers the works of the early pioneers of this new way of taking pictures. His renewed desire to go out shooting leads him to explore the new tool, its strengths and weaknesses, and soon it becomes his best camera. He thinks that the strength of taking pictures with a mobile phone is that you always have it in your pocket and this creates many photographic opportunities. At the same time, to deal with its technical limitations, the photographer must pay more attention to composition and light. Unorganized, quite lazy, some problems with the English language, he has a visceral passion for everything related to people, streets and photography. Especially when the three factors occur together. He has been featured in many websites about mobile and traditional photography and his pictures has been exhibited in Great Britain (London Design Festival), Florida (Studio B. Light Impressions), Canada (IX Gallery during the 2012 CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto), Italy (Paratissima 2012, Turin) and in NYC (Soho Gallery For Digital Art) thanks to an honorable mention in the street photography category of the 2013 Mobile Photo Awards. He is still looking for the real reason that drives him to take photographs on the streets.
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