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alisha Liker

alisha Liker



Awarded Photographer and Author
  • ,Nikon D3,Nikon D800, Nikon D600s
  • 70-200mm, 50mm, 85mm, 16-24mm, 35mm,

Don't speak. Don't look

Published July 2nd, 2013

This is out of my current Editorial ''The Doll'' Collection. I will need to put the story together and create its own folder to understand.

This story is about 2 friends that live abandoned and in the past. One wants to move on but the other keeps on pulling her back.

It has no happy ending.

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Photographers admire Photographers

Published July 1st, 2013

People that are not Photographers or do not relate to Art, and looking to hire one will have a hard time to pay the value of the Artist's work... The Photographer in general, has to continuously explain his charge. If not us together that understands each others thirst of appreciation who do we expect , will?

Don't be grumpy or jealous. Be happy for your skills, appreciate the positive attention, correct your failures, Network with others~we all know honest and positive attitude leaves positive sparks behind you~

I ADMIRE every artist-not only in photography- that pours pure passion in his or her work!

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Published May 30th, 2013

As me and 2 other amazing Photographers came together and fiddled on our Editorial this week. My daughter was one of the models.

My concept was to tell a melancholic story. So things were pretty much dark,grey and well melancholic.

As my daughter went to take a break and sat down under the stares of this amazing old house. I had to capture her beautiful outfit in COLOR.

I love her expression and the look in her face.

By the way. This is a blonde wig and I find it looks pretty good on her , too :)

If you are interested in this Editorial, please keep following me or on twitter and watch for updates these days :)

Thank you

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A beautiful \'\'Sunset Goodbye\'\'

A sunset goodbye

Published May 25th, 2013

Yes. I should be used to beautiful sunsets , living in Europe and surrounded by so many beautiful and warm countries. Greece, Turkey, Italy of course and France. I was just way too young to notice that beauty. Not interested in nature.

Washington has beautiful landscapes as well. If I think of these massive mountains alone. That is my home state by the way. And no, its not just rain. But this is another story :)

Because I am in the south today. I spent quiet some time here and I must say it's a total different world.To me.

Having family in Florida and New York. Having friends in NJ,NC and all around Alabama and Georgia. I learned a lot. And thanks to a very sweet friend of mine. I discovered the beauty of nature.Deep in the country that is. Wild horses, dog and cat lovers, beautiful lakes and beaches, eagles - and these fellas seem shy and hide.

Eventually our time was up and it's now time to go back home. My family and friends and so many Photographers that never been here are beyo ...

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Excited for another powerful project

Published May 16th, 2013

Sometimes I think, Photographers, Writers or any Artist actually has ADD. Our mind is so full of ideas and off set sometimes. We barley keep it up with our own thoughts haha.

Any ways. I have had this one project in mind for so long now and I finally got it started. Something about Africa. I met so many women that are originally are from there. So why not calling it simply ''AFRICA''.

Well, I know what you guys think now. Where does she get an Elephant from or even Monkey's ...Giraffe's perhaps? Africa is pretty far in need.

I made a promise to myself. That, one day I will be flying out there to complete this project. I hope in the next 3 years. So, I need to win the lottery first.

Until the win. I will simplify it a tiny bit and focus on the people only. Back to the roots so to say.

I have nothing specific planned yet as I just go by what ever crosses my mind. And hopefully people will enjoy it just as much :)

Here is an example of a recent shoot at my studio.

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